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By merging psychology with webdesign we create webpages which motivate your clients to take an action.

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Our “Publish first” approach enables you to publish your website within just a few days so that you can get your business up and running.

Effective design is not just about looking good. It creates a connection between you and your customers, it builds trust and motivates your visitors to action.

If you need your website built from scratch or you want to redesign your current webpage to better suit your business’ needs, you’re at the right address. Our complete web solutions bring you all you need from A to Z.

Whether it’s a complex presentation of your services or a simple business webpage, we’re here to make your dreams about your online presence true.

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Johanna Sargeant

“Hana has been a joy to work with! She has passion and dedication for her work, constantly giving her absolute best. She maintained contact with me very regularly, was always on a quest for improvement, clearly shared my vision, and she seemed to know exactly what I needed before I was even aware that I needed it! I can recommend her services a thousand times over.”

Johanna Sargeant, Milk and Motherhood

What makes Sei Online unique

1. We merge psychology and web-design

By understanding the behavior of your visitors and clients we create webpages that provide them with the information they seek and motivate them to take an action. We don’t make just a webpage, we create a relationship with your future clients.

2. Publish the first strategy

You don’t lose the time. Right from the early stage of the project, we publish the landing page for your business so that your clients can find and contact you.

3. We don’t leave you groping in the dark

We will guide you through the process of creating your new webpage. We always have an ear for your questions and concerns and we are ready to help and support you.

4. Individual approach to every project

We want to make you happy. That’s why we tailor our approach to suit your individual needs.

What are we not

1. We are not running for a price for the most creative graphic design. We are dedicated to delivering actionable and graphically clean websites which your customers will love.

2. We are not looking for an endless discussion but we are oriented toward effective and proved solutions. If it often happens to you, that you are not happy with the services or products your purchase, maybe we are not the best fit. We are looking for customers which love our work. If you like our ideas and vision and want to cooperate with us just let us know.


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Responsive website Milk and Motherhood

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Skyjam Zürich

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Hebamme Zürich

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Moms learn to code

Responsive website Moms learn to code

Voo Livre

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Giaele – Your personal trainer

Responsive website Giaele Your personal trainer


Responsive website Pilgrimflight

Skyjam Aircraft

Responsive website Skyjam Aircraft

Elektroflug Schweiz

Responsive website Elektroflug Schweiz


“Working with Hana was a very pleasant and productive experience. She is committed to the process, always full of ideas and concrete structured plans for their implementation. She brings a unique perspective to every project, which helps her develop her own style while at the same time carefully considering the client’s opinion and improving the overall concept. I would recommend her services to anybody who wishes to build a viable and productive business platform which stands out and encourages successful interactions with potential customers.”

Nikoleta Doykova, Nikoleta Music

About me


I always loved to solve problems. The new ones, the challenging ones. I was bored by the routine and searched for something new.


After finishing my PhD. in psychology I was ready for the next challenge. Learning to code gave me the opportunity to merge my psychological and technical skills. Thanks to my psychological background I can analyze and understand what are your needs as a business owner and what your clients are looking for. This enables me to create user-oriented products with a strong emphasis on the results.


Every customer project is unique and that’s why I love my job. Creating a webpage is like a baby being born. Each one is very special and beautiful. And that makes my job so exciting and satisfying. Helping my clients to thrive and free them from the technical struggle by providing them with a high-end online presence which leads to more or better clients.


Hana Harencarova

Fast delivery of your website

  • Your website is usually online in one or two weeks after the domain registration and the delivery of the content.

Modern responsive design

  • Computer, tablet or smartphone – your customers have a great user experience on all devices.

Fix price guaranteed

  • The price is agreed on the beginning of the project – no surprises.

Individual design

  • The design is carefully prepared with your individuality in mind. It’s based on your wishes and preferences.

Free SSL certificate

  • The SSL certificate ensures a safe connection. It protects your website and builds trust with your clients.


“The website for our club was delivered extremely quickly. With Hana’s inputs, we could clearly decide what our website should contain and how it should be structured. The cooperation was very professional and friendly. I certainly recommend her services.”

Ruedi Weber, Elektroflug Schweiz


If you are interested in more details about websites from Sei Online and you want to know more, drop me an email


“I wanted to make my website by myself, but I dreaded the technical side of it, every time I tried and dived in, I felt like I needed a dictionary. Hana´s input made everything a lot easier. She was professional, supportive and figured out everything quite quickly. I didn’t need to wonder about technical problems and I could start to concentrate on what really matters – the content of my webpage. It felt wonderful to have somebody by my side! And I think that you can feel it from the webpage itself. As for me, I would recommend this kind of cooperation to everybody, who wants to start a website and doesn´t really know how. It makes perfect sense, doesn´t it? Do what you love and leave the rest to somebody, who knows, how to do it.”

Bronislava Mesarosova, S lehkosti

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